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So I got violently ill just over a week ago and missed my pills (Wellbutrin and Cipralex) for one day because I couldn’t keep water down. Nearly a week and a half later and I’m still messed up from the missed pills. I have that familiar, heavy feeling of hopelessness interspersed with sharp stabs of anxiety when I think of trying to do things.

It’s so easy to forget how well the pills work until this happens. It’s like “oh right, I just remembered I’m a crazy person.” It’s kind of scary.

Hopefully it passes soon. I don’t like me like this. Although it does seem to make me like Tumblr more.


Dear OkCupid: I would actually consider paying to use your site if you had a feature that allowed me to search people based on the way they answered a particular question. I would specifically use it for this question:


Because I am sick of seeing this answer nine out of ten times:


And I want to stab someone every time I see this answer:


If I just had a way of filtering these people out of my searches to avoid wasting my time, that’d be nifty.


An Exasperated Fat Girl

So OkCupid actually allows you to search by question answer now, if you pay for A-List. Thought some of you might like to know.

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