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Anonymous asked:

What do you mean fatphobia and fat shaming





this is actually a documented thing, in children’s literature especially. Allow me to draw your attention to page 85 of Exploring Children’s Literature (2nd Edn.) by Nikki Gamble and Sally Yates:


Idk, I always felt the HP series had a lot of fat phobia in it. A lot of the ‘not nice’ characters were fat. Dudley and Vernon Dursley for instance. There were several parts in the books where Dudley was mocked for his weight. Peter Pettigrew was fat too. ‘Fat’ seems to be associated with ‘bad’, but not the suave kind of bad. Not the ‘bad’ like Draco Malfoy or young Tom Riddle, who are seen as bad guys, but you’re not meant to be disgusted by them. You’re meant to be fascinated by them. In a strange way, they’re still respected as villains (not saying Draco is a villain, but you get my point right?). That doesn’t happen with the fat characters though. They’re either meant to be laughed at, or you’re meant to feel disgusted by them.

"A criticism levelled at Roald Dahl, and more recently JK Rowling, is that a character’s worth is associated with their physical attributes. Augustus Gloop and Dudley Dursley are presented as being inherently unpleasant and their fatness is inextricably bound up with personality."

"…a character’s worth is associated with their physical attributes."

"…[unpleasant fat characters’] fatness is inextricably bound up with their [bad] personality."

So much truth.

This is why I’m rolling my eyes at the majority of the villain worship on this site. Fit people and thin people get the handsome, suave ones. We get the slavering dump trucks, knuckle-cracking henchmen and dumb, fat bullies.

You all get Loki, we get Dudley. They never make fat Lokis.

And I’m sorry if you all think I sound like a broken record, but I’m going to keep talking about it because I’m constantly reminded of it every time I scroll down my dash. I am so tired of having so few characters to admire or relate to, even with the villains.

That’s very true - fat villains are never meant to be seductive, appealing or evilly attractive, and if they are shown somewhat in that light it’s meant to be a joke like “hahaha look at this fat villain thinking they’re sexy.”

Furthermore, after seeing your remark about people not making any fat Loki’s, I couldn’t help but google a bit and check if that’s true. Turns out, people do make fat Lokis……. they just look like this:




Naked on the Internet?

So in the interest of exploiting my status as a fetish object for money, I’m looking into becoming a camgirl and also doing some BBW softcore modelling. Thing is, I need money for a new (ie. not dying) computer, a webcam, and miscellaneous sexy things in order to do this. Currently debating the wisdom of starting a “help me be naked on the internet” campaign to fund it.


Anonymous asked:

Yo, the New York Times did an article about cop-murdered Michael Brown with a paragraph about how "he was no angel." That's racist in itself, but one of the pieces of evidence for how he was no angel is "he had taken to rapping in recent months." That is some barely disguised, straight-no-chaser racism.


Remember bullshit like this every time conservatives whine about the alleged “liberal media.” Shameful as all fucking shit.

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